About Us

Opt-In Media is founded on the principle that marketing has forever changed. Without permission and acceptance, your marketing is probably falling on deaf ears. Broadcasting a message in the traditional methods doesn't work the way it did even five years ago. Consumers today can shop prices, research benefits and read impartial reviews without you ever knowing you are on their radar.

Our capabilities are rooted in data-collection combining consumer insights, creativity and technology. With this insight we put businesses in touch with consumers using our wide platform of media options.

We work with small B2C and B2B firms using our digital capabilities to create a conduit that reaches both their loyal and targeted customers. With a media-neutral strategy and a powerful tool chest; Opt-In Media targets the right tools for the message.

Our Customer Relationship Software (CRS) marketing technology includes a market-driven universal loyalty card, social media marketing tools, a dynamic online shopping website, prepaid gift cards and a rewards program. In addition to this, we’ve implemented a web-based, integrated point-of-sale (POS) data collection system that assists merchants in quickly developing customer databases and then marketing to them.